• Hopefully you've got email-notifications and you'll see this. It's me, Callie.

    To be quite honest, I'd love for you to come back and help me out with a new site that I'm working on. I know you left CPW because you didn't enjoy working there anymore, but I was hoping that you'd help here and maybe things would or could be different. If you've got the extra time on your hands, at least.

    I'd love for some help in getting it truly up and running - alot of stories there are reposts. If there's anyone I know who could really help to bring this site to its feet, it's you. You're probably the smartest person I've seen as far as writing goes, and I still consider you a mentor.

    If you could, please help me out in some way. And please respond if you see this. :3

    EDIT: Also, just to let you know, I posted the stories you have up on CPW there. Speaking of, did you ever manage to get The Black Dog and Goat into any magazines or publications like you were trying to do? I miss that story...

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